Good breeding programs are built from great broodmares and stallions. We have taken the task of picking great mares very seriously over the past 30 plus years. However, our mares are only part of the Rimrock Livestock equation. Our program began with a truly great sire, Playboys Phoenix. He produced excellent foals for us starting in 2002. Phoenix stamped every one of his progeny with his excellent characteristics. His foals proved to be strong, good looking, trainable, talented individuals. They grew into cowy, hard stopping, quick moving, and people pleasing athletes with excellent work ethics. When Phoenix passed away in 2019, we knew replacing him would not be easy. We have not yet found our next herd sire but, as we continue to look, we have been blessed to breed our mares to an outstanding stallion, High Brow Tuesday for 2020. Tuesday is a stallion who will provide our clientele with the same excellent quality of athletes. Please click on each stallion for additional information. We will have get out of “Phoenix” and “Tuesday” for the 2020 year!